SEMPER TRISTIS is ran solely by me, Natalie, out of my little home office here in the UK.

I started this business in the summer of 2019, the same summer that I graduated university. This started as a hobby during my search for a job in the creative field. However, due to the breakout of COVID-19 and the lockdowns, it took my business from a small little hobby to a full time job.

In 2020, I experienced an incredible amount of support on my early flash sheets and print designs, which lead to me to start designing apparel, and well, the rest is history, I’ve been designing art prints and apparel ever since.


I love creating art inspired by the traditional tattoo style and incorporating the style into alternative culture, pop culture and just silly little designs.

Due to my massive range of personal taste in both music and pop culture, I wanted to display this in my art, so that’s why you’ll likely see a Taylor Swift print next to a Deftones print, weird to some, but to others it just makes sense.

Alongside my staple music inspired flash sheets, I started creating designs inspired by silly memes I found online. Sometimes I find it hard to always create high quality music inspired flash sheets, as I put a lot of research into each music flash sheet, so in the meantime I love to create the silly designs you can see under our “Just For Laughs” collection. Turns out, a lot of you guys like the designs too. The frog meme designs are some of our most popular designs, which makes my frog lover heart so very happy.


I know so many creatives say the usual “I never expected this to be my full time job”, but I genuinely couldn’t say it better. Everyday I’m blessed and over the moon knowing I have this incredible job. It’s all possible because of every single person who buys from me.

Whether it’s your first order or your 20th order, you are incredibly important and vital to my business. I appreciate all the support, no matter how big or small, I’m just blessed that people love my art as much as I do.

From the bottom of my little emo heart, thank you so much, I’ll be forever indebted to all my supporters and customers.


Stay safe out there,

All my love,