How many prints are in stock?

Unless the listing states it's a limited edition print, all prints are printed ourselves, therefore meaning we have endless stock on our art print listings. We list a set amount on the store, if a non-limited edition print is labeled as "sold out" then we've probably missed that we need to restock it, so don't hesitate to contact us if an art print you're wanting is "sold out".


Do you take requests for design ideas?

We're always happy to know what our customers want to see from us! We often ask on our social media accounts what you guys want designs or products from us. However, we don't always take on all requests as sometimes we're either busy, have multiple ideas already going on or it simply doesn't fit our brand! If you are wanting the idea done, then check out all our commission information below!


Do you offer custom prints and tattoo designs?

Yes! We offer custom flash sheets, custom art prints, tattoo design and branding packages (logos, business cards, stamps, stickers and merch). Please see our commissions information page about what commissions we offer, with all the relevant information and prices. Any further questions, please contact us.


Do you allow your work to get tattooed?

We do allow our work to be tattooed, as long as you pay us for the design. We charge £20 per design to be tattooed. You can find the listing here.

If you buy a print that contains the design you want tattooed, you still have to pay for the design to be tattooed. If you don't pay us for my work it is theft to get our work tattooed without permission or consent from us. We work extremely hard on creating the art you see so paying the extra price to get it tattooed is just respectful.