Please allow between 5 to 10 working* days from the date of your order for your order to be processed, made, packed and dispatched for standard items, such as prints and stickers. During festive seasons, please allow and/or expect longer turnaround times, due to the potential volume of orders to be higher. 

*Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays or other UK national holidays (I.E Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day etc.)


Product Processing Times

Art Prints - 5 to 10 working days

Stickers - 5 to 10 working days

Colouring Books - Due to limited office space, we cannot hold a large amount of stock, which means we order our books in bulk and order in new stock whenever we run low based on the current surrounding demand. Please note that if you order colouring books, it may fit the regular 5 to 10 working day schedule, or it may take upwards of 14 working days as we wait for new stock to come in from our supplier.

Pre-Orders - Fluctuating per pre-order - Each pre-order takes a different amount of time to process. Timescales are never stated due to multiple factors playing into the processing times for items, when working with manufacturers we cannot predict how long items will take, until we receive a shipping notification. The best way to stay in the loop of pre-order details is to keep an eye on our socials for any updates!

Please also note any other items purchased with pre-order item(s) will be sent with the pre-order item(s). You will receive only one delivery from us. We do not send non-pre order and pre-order items separately. If you want the non-pre order items quicker, please contact us to ask for this service, please note that additional shipping costs with occur.

Commissions - Commissions often take around 2-4 weeks to complete. However, this can be longer depending on our workload, how complicated the commission is and how many items are within the commission.

Any items not listed are often either limited edition or limited availability so often will follow the 5 to 10 working days standard, any queries please contact us.


Please be aware that turnaround times may be longer during busier seasons. Updates are often given on our social media, so if there are any delays or issues with our processing times they will be posted on our social medias. 

If your order is a gift or you have ordered something in need for a specific date, please order with enough time to get your order to you. If you have a concern about it not reaching you, then contact us via our email or social media to see if we can meet your deadline. 

Relating to gifts, often people ask for no prices to be listed on their orders. To be crystal clear, if you are a domestic customer, you will not see any prices on your packing slips or packaging. If you are a international customers, you also will not see any prices on your packing slips, however, due to the customs regulations, prices will be listed on the customs labels on the packaging. This is unavoidable and is a legal requirement, so prices must be listed there but they are easy to scribble out with pen!



Please be patient with your orders and shipping times, once it leaves our hands we have zero control on how fast it gets to you. We do not take responsibility for delays and will not offer a refund if your order doesn't get to you within these rough shipping guidelines. Once you order from our store, you are agreeing to the terms of service and our shipping & refund policies. To read our refund policies, please follow this page for all the relevant information.


Domestic Shipping - UK only

We send our orders via Royal Mail 2nd Class and Royal Mail Tracked 48, please note that the 48 hours given on the Tracked option is merely a guideline set up by Royal Mail, you may receive you order quicker or later than 48 hours. If you are a UK customer and have issues with your order not arriving within 2 weeks of shipping, please contact us and we will resolve it as best as we can.


EU Shipping

Taxes, duties and a clearance fee may be applied when items are sent from Great Britain to the EU. Meaning all items are subject to VAT, custom duties and/or a clearance fee. The taxes and duties depend on the contents’ value and customers may be charged upon delivery of the goods by the carrier.

The thresholds and the amount charged vary from country to country. So please check these charges before purchasing as we are not liable or responsible for these charges.

You, the customer, are responsible for covering these fees and charges, which will need to be paid in order to receive your parcel. We, Semper Tristis, are not responsible or in control of any additional charges that may occur and are only responsible for the shipping costs.

By ordering from us and our website, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions, as well as our shipping and refund policies. Compensation for fees of any size is not available.


International Shipping - EU and Rest of the World

All international orders are only sent via Royal Mail International Tracked. We do not offer a cheaper standard shipping as this means we cannot track the order. If an issue arises with an order, we want to know where the issue is so we can assess the situation and give you information regarding your order. This shipping we chose also covers the full compensation, which then allows us to offer refunds for any lost orders.

For international orders only, once each order is shipped, you will be given a tracking number, please go to and enter your tracking number. Once it has left the UK, you will then be able to track it via your country's postal service tracking webpage.

Most international orders can take around 3-4 weeks to arrive, these times can be drastically longer, so please be patient and check the tracker before contacting us. The tracker may not move for a few days as it may be in transit. If the tracker has not moved or progressed within 2 weeks, then please contact us and we will look into it. These are rough guidelines of how long an order can get to you, we are not responsible for it taking longer than the timescale guesses provided.