We offer a range of commissions for both personal and business use. Please see below our pricing, process details and any other information we have to offer.



We largely use PayPal as we can create invoices to send to you directly. However, we do offer custom listings on our web store for non-PayPal users. Additionally, if you pay via a custom listing, you will still receive an invoice via the method of communication you contacted us through.



- Please contact us via our details below in the CONTACTING US section. Upon contacting us, we will discuss what you are wanting. We will then send over a Google Forms link for you to fill out. This is so we can understand your commission requirements, such as file/design size, file type, visual references you may have for us to take into account, etc.

- We will then create a draft for you, where you will have the opportunity to make one initial change for free. Any further changes after the first free change will be charged accordingly (please see our ADDITIONAL CHARGES section below).

- After the draft is approved, we take 25% of the initial quoted price as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, as this covers the time spent on the admin and drafting of the commission. Once the deposit is paid, the commission will then go through the finishing stages.

- Once finished, we will send the final version to you for approval. If substantial changes are needed, there will be additional charges (please see our ADDITIONAL CHARGES section below). Once approved, the outstanding 75% of the quoted price, and any additional charges, will then be invoiced.

Please note, if you are ordering any physical commission work (e.g. art prints), your order will not be shipped out until the outstanding payment is paid in full.



Additional charges have been set up in order to compensate for any extra work done on the drafted and/or finalised version of your commission.

All of these are classed as significant changes, as many of these changes include re-drawing, re-colouring and checking the line/pixel quality is perfect, which takes significant time to alter.


Our current additional charges are as follows;

- For art print and tattoo design commissions only, there is a £5 charge per additional A5 print and a £8 charge per additional A4 print. This does not include shipping. Shipping for the UK is £2 and international shipping is £10.

- For all commission types, there is a £5 charge per substantial change (see below). This is applicable to substantial edits to the draft and/or the final version of the design. This charge is only applied after your one initial free draft alteration.

- For all commission types, there is a £25 charge if the commission job needs to be completely re-drawn. This charge is added on top of the already existing quoted price. This is due to the fact that redrawing commissions takes a significant amount of time to re-do, therefore carries a hefty charge. So for example, if you were quote £50, but then needed this change doing, the final price would be £75. We ask all clients and customers to please communicate your ideas concisely and clearly, in order to avoid this hefty charge.


Our definition of substantial changes include, but are not limited to;

- Additional designs being added to a flash sheet or the removal of a design from a flash sheet, this is due to having to rescale and subsequently re-draw elements of the flash sheet.

- Re-scaling of the print, this often leads us to re-draw the designs to make sure the line and pixel quality is at it’s upmost best.

- Complete colour way changes, colouring the designs takes a large bulk to the time of designs, so to re-colour a commission takes us a significant amount of time to re-do.



To contact us for commissions or for further information, contact us via our socials or our email.

Instagram: @_sempertristis

Twitter/X: @_sempertristis





Please note these prices are the base level prices and serve as a rough guide as a starting point. The end cost for the commissioned print may increase due to additional charges, additional time spent on the commission, additional prints of the commission, and any other cost variables. These prices are applicable to both full art prints and flash sheets art prints. Shipping is not built into this cost. Shipping for the UK is £2 and international shipping is £10.

A5 Linework Only Art Print - £50+

A5 Linework Only Art Print - £70+

A5 Linework and Single Colour Shading Art Print - £65+

A4 Linework and Single Colour Shading Art Print - £85+

A5 Lifework and Full Colour Art Print - £90+

A4 Lifework and Full Colour Art Print - £110+



All tattoo designs are charged at £20 per hour. If you are also wanting a copy of the tattoo design as an art print, it will cost extra. An A5 print costs £5 each and an A4 print costs £8 each, this does not include shipping. UK shipping is £2 and international shipping is £10.

Custom tattoo quotes will be given either once ideas and design complexity has been discussed OR once drafts have been approved by the customer.



Logo design, business card design, sticker design, merchandise design, apparel mock-ups, Instagram story backgrounds, Instagram templates, etc. If there is something not listed here then please contact us and we can discuss the practicality of your idea.



Logo design only - £100

Logo and Business Card design only - £150

Logo, Business Card and 1-3 Sticker designs - £200 (Any further designs will be charged as extra.)

Merchandise Design - All merchandise design is charged at £20 an hour. Merchandise design quotes will be given either once ideas and design complexity has been discussed OR once drafts have been approved by the customer.



Any art print/non-branding work that has been commissioned is solely for personal and private use only.

Any and all designs are not to be used for commercial gain from the customer, in any capacity. Customers do not have the right to sell on any design, in any way, shape or form, this includes creating merchandise, selling via places like RedBubble etc., minting as NFTs etc. Customers also do not have the right to display commissioned work within their tattoo studios for them to tattoo on a client. Additionally, customers also do not have the automatic right to get a commissioned piece of art tattooed, this costs extra.

If you commissioned a design from us and are then wanting to use the commissioned design for business purposes, please contact us and we can send over a price guide. If you do not contact us about wanting to use the design for commercial gain, you will be furthermore blacklisted from purchasing any further commissioned work from us.

Please note if you are a recurring unreliable customer in terms of late payments, time wasting or a lack of communication, we have the right to deny any of our commission based services to you.